Holiday/Winter Collection

Holiday/Winter Collection


The Holiday Collection is made up of classic and exotic Whoopie flavors. Try our Gingerbread/vanilla cream cheese, Chocolate with orange + cardamom, Velvet chocolate with vanilla cream cheese and Chocolate with peppermint cream cheese. Perfect for your holiday entertaining, gift giving, and even stock stuffers. Plus recently Whoopies have become known as the “perfect corporate gift.”

Gingerbread with vanilla cream cheese – you will taste the warmth of gingerbread – with just the right amount of spice melting with vanilla cream cheese – delicious combo!

Red Velvet Chocolate with vanilla cream cheese It is made with an all-natural chocolate (the original recipe before adding red food dye) you taste a distinct chocolate flavor and creamy smoothness of vanilla cream cheese. You will be singing fa-la-la-la!

Chocolate with orange cardamom cream cheese – rich chocolate with the exotic taste of cardamom spice and sweet orange – balances this flavor combo!

Chocolate with peppermint cream – we use a peppermint essential oil, not an extract, to make this “wake up your taste buds” holiday pairing.

Holiday Collection available as singles, packages of three and for shipping for this holiday season.

Available November through January
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Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 9.0 × 9.0 × 9.0 in