Chocolate Lovers Collection

Chocolate Lovers Collection


There is always a discussion among chocolate lovers – what is the best kind of chocolate? – For our Chocolate Lovers Collection – everyone agrees – triple chocolate cake with these buttercream fillings are the best – and the perfect balance of flavor and richness… your chocolate lover will swoon!

Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream – the classic New England whoopie pie – but this Whoopie is “a twist on the classic,” with triple chocolate cake (our secret recipe) with a touch of Madagascar vanilla in the fresh buttercream (no Crisco, additives or preservatives) – pure creamy buttercream. Our most popular flavor.

Chocolate with Salted Caramel – made with a fresh caramel buttercream and a hint of Maine sea salt, paired with our triple chocolate cake – it is like biting into a big caramel!

Chocolate with Raspberry Cream – fruit and chocolate, another classic taste pairing – This Whoopie is made with a fresh raspberry puree (no seeds) – not too sweet, but rather a burst of freshness combined with the chocolate!

Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache – this is our most decadent Whoopie combo – chocolate with chocolate, cream and butter – if you wait and bring this Whoopie to room temperature, the filling becomes mousse-like and it truly melts in your mouth. This pairs beautifully with red wine – if you want to turn this into an extra special treat.

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