Holiday Pies and More - Chococoa Baking Company
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Holiday Pies and More

All pies are completely scratch-made from the crust to the filling. We use only fresh fruit and a artisanal methods.

Our all-butter crusts bake to a deep golden brown.

Order today and make your Thanksgiving holiday extra delicious.

Available for pick-up Tuesday, November 21st and Wednesday, November 22nd (until 4:00).

Harvest Pumpkin $19.00
New England Apple $19.00
Maine Blueberry $27.00
Apple Cranberry $19.00
Southern Pecan $27.00
Greta’s Chocolate Walnut Tart $27.00
Order Today!

(Download PDF Order sheet)

To Order, Call Us At 978-499-8889 Or Email


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