Newburyport’s Mayoral Whoopie Poll

Newburyport’s Mayoral Whoopie Poll

You have heard of straw polls, gallup polls and even barber polls in determining elections but can a Whoopie pie company determine a mayoral winner?

That is exactly what Chococoa Baking Company of Newburyport is trying to do. They are a local baking company specializing in bite-size, gourmet whoopies pies, called The Whoopie.

A vote is cast when a candidates’ favorite Whoopie is purchased.

Mayoral Whoopie 
Poll Final Count   

The election is over and the Whoopie poll is complete.

The Whoopie did not predict the winner with the final tally: 

Holaday – 87
Sullivan – 97
It was a fun and a delicious poll according to the supporters.
So in all fairness to the candidates (as they are both big Whoopie fans) we will donate to both of their favorite charities!

Thank you to all who participated in the poll and to the candidates for their great spirit.

The first step was to have the candidates pick their favorite flavors. So on Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Holladay selected: Chocolate with chocolate ganache, with Candidate Richard Sullivan, Jr. choosing chocolate with vanilla after tasting a few other flavors.

Between now and Chococoa’s close of business on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5th at 5:30pm – the polls are open to vote your candidate by purchasing their favorite Whoopie!

For their efforts, Chococoa Baking Company will donate $1.00 for each Whoopie vote cast to the mayoral race winner’s charity.

“We are curious on how close we come in determining the winner based on Whoopie sales. It is our delicious and fun way in predicting the winner. Both candidates had great spirit in engaging in our informal Whoopie poll,” commented, Julie Ganong, Chococoa Baking co-owner.

“This by no means replaces the seriousness of the campaign and the issues facing the citizens it is just a fun way to engage people and to remind citizens that voting is important,” said Alan Mons, co-owner.

About Chococoa Baking Company:
Chococoa Baking Company was founded in 2009 by husband and wife team, Alan Mons and Julie Ganong. For more information go to or call The Chococoa Baking Company at 978-499-8889.