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You have heard of straw polls, gallup polls and even barber polls in determining elections but can a Whoopie pie company determine a mayoral winner? That is exactly what Chococoa Baking Company of Newburyport is trying to do. They are a local baking company specializing in bite-size, gourmet whoopies pies, called The Whoopie. A vote is cast when a candidates’ favorite Whoopie is purchased.


Whoopie pies - a sweet new gig

By Josh Hyatt @Money January 5, 2012: 1:45 PM ET (MONEY Magazine) -- Had Julie Ganong and Alan Mons not both been laid off in 2008, the couple might not be making whoopie right now. Whoopie pies, that is. Almost immediately after being let go from The Provident Bank, where she was a senior vice president, Ganong began searching for similar positions. But her husband, a business analyst at Sun Life Financial, "was not unhappy" to get the ax.

Failing to find a decent whoopie pie “that actually tasted like chocolate,’’ Alan Mons, and his wife, Julie Ganong, both in financial services at the time, decided to perfect their own version. They also wanted to avoid a dry whoopie pie, something all too common. So the couple blended three types of chocolate to create their cakes.